Applying for Canadian Visa as A Skilled Worker

Most applicants often find the Canadian visa application process strict despite their simplicity. There are some Canadian immigration channels and one of the most popular immigration is moving to Canada as a skilled stranger.

Foreign skilled workers to Canada have a great economic interest, because their expertise and skills contribute to Canadian economic growth and labor. There are several immigration options for foreign skilled workers who want to settle in Canada permanently.

Candidates who have stated the desire to settle in certain Canadian regions or provinces are required to submit the expression of their interests by applying through the Unique Provincial Candidate Program (PNP).

Foreign skilled workers with the intention of completion in Quebec Province must submit their applications through the Quebec skilled worker program.

For foreign skilled workers who want to settle in Canada permanently, the following is the flow of immigration designed for permanent settlement.

Federal Skilled Workers Program: A strangers who are skilled at a pleasant work experience and skills with the intention to live in Canada outside the province of Quebec are encouraged to apply for Canadian permanent residency through the federal skilled worker program.

Provincial Candidate Program: This immigration flow is the process of fast tracking immigration applications for skilled immigrants who have stated the desire to settle in certain Canadian provinces. Candidates who meet the requirements for PNP issued a provincial nomination certificate, which accelerated their immigration application.

Quebec Skilled Workers Program: This immigration flow is for a skilled foreigner who has stated the intention to settle in the Quebec Province. Invitation to register (ITA) is issued for Skilled Foreigners who meet the requirements with work experience and related skills.

Note: Applicants for federal skilled workers are required to submit their applications through the Federal Express entry system.

Qualifications for federal skilled worker programs

To meet the requirements, applicants for federal skilled worker programs must:

  • Qualify for working in Canada
  • Get Valid Canadian Job Offers
  • Present proof of financial security that can serve yourself or your dependents when you arrive in Canada
  • Have the necessary work experience
  • Have a post-school certificate, or diploma
  • Intend to live outside the province of Quebec.

What kind of work experience is needed

In order to meet the requirements for the federal skilled worker program, the applicant’s work experience must be under one of the following national job classifications (NOC)

  • Skills Type 0
  • Typical Skills a
  • Skills Type B.

Work experience must be paid and full of time (30 hours per week) or part -time equivalent, and must be for the past 10 years/

However, this limit does not affect you if you have a valid job offer.

Federal skilled worker points system

Applicants are asked to collect a minimum of 67 points to meet the requirements for the Federal Skilled Workers’ Program (FSW). FSW points are allocated based on the following factors:

  • Language skills (French or English)
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • profession
  • Adaptability
  • Valid job offer

Note: Express points are different from federal skilled workers points.

How to register for the fsw program

Before applying for FSW, applicants are advised to undergo an online assessment to determine their feasibility.

If you meet the requirements to register after the assessment, you must continue to create an express entry profile where your application will be collected with thousands of other applicants.

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