4 Easy Ways to Migrate to Canada

These three factors generally determines your migration to Canada; what are your goals when you arrive in Canada, your specific circumstance or conditions, and thirdly, which Canadian region piques your interest?

Other factors include; having a relative who is a permanent resident or a valid job offer. Are you are a business person/Investor? hoping to begin a business in Canada, a skilled worker, or student planning to work or study or rejoin with your family in Canada?

Whatever your aim of migration is, there are a lots of immigration programs offered by the Canadian government that may fit your migration ambition.

The following are the 4 quickest Immigration pathways to Canada

  1. Canadian Experience Class
  2. Quebec Entrepreneur or Investor
  3. Start up Visa program
  4. provincial Nominee Program

Canadian Experience Class

This immigration pathway is for immigrants with Canadian work experience and who wants to remain permanently in canada.

Beginning from First January, candidates are required to submit their interest by registering through the Express Entry System and must:

  • have at least 1 year or full-time Canadian work experience (or part-time equivalent) with legal approval from the Government over in the last three years prior submitting an application.
  • Intend to live external Quebec
  • have the necessary language capacity.

Quebec Entrepreneur or Investor

This immigration stream is for migrants (foreign entrepreneurs or investors) who genuinely want to begin a business in the region of Quebec. To be qualified for this migration stream, candidates must:

express desire to settle in Quebec
have an investment capital of CDN $800,000 for Investors and CDN $300,000 for business people.

Start up Visa program

This migration pathway is designed for foreign business people and entrepreneurs who genuinely want to begin a business in Canada.

To be qualified for this immigration stream, candidates are required to have the following:

Good language abilities: candidates should have adequate language abilities to discuss in French or English, with at least 5 CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark).

Support from a designated organization: The help can be from angel investors groups, designated investment reserves, or designated business incubators. You will required to reach out to these organizations to assess your strategic plans and hence give you a letter of help.

Settlement Funds: you must display proof of sufficient funds to begin a business in Canada. A required minimum investment capital of CDN $200,000 if that it’s from a designated Canadian venture capital fund and CDN $75,000 from the designated Canadian investor Group.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Every Canadian region or territory has different migration streams designed to target specific foreigners. To be qualified for PNP, candidates should fulfill the province qualification criteria and should reside in the chosen area or territory.

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